All 3 ships of the Ionian Group’s fleet approach 3 ports weekly, serving loyally and regularly with absolute safety and comfort all passengers’ needs. They are modern and safe ships which over-satisfy the needs of each region, each period.

They were designed according to the most advanced technology specifications, in order to offer absolute safety and a comfortable and pleasant journey to all passengers even under the worst weather conditions.

Fior di Levante

The brand new F/B Fior di Levante sailed for its maiden voyage in December 2014. Awarded with the International Shippax Award 2015 as the Most Beautiful Ferry in the world, Fior di Levante was named after Zakynthos island, aka Fioro tou Levante (= Flower of the East) and its inner decoration has been inspired by Zakynthos. Both its luxury and its design have rendered it an admirable sight for visitors from all around the world.

Mare di Levante

The tried and renowned F/B Mare di Levante (Sea of the Levant=East) has been deservedly loved by the passengers travelling to and from the Ionian Islands and it stands out thanks to its spacious, hospitable and luxurious spaces as well as to its unique capacity of cars and trucks.

Andreas Kalvos

The fully modernized F/B "Andreas Kalvos" is an iconic ship for the travelers of the Ionian Sea. Recent upgrades have brought the successfully tested ship to new levels of comfort, luxury and performance.