Whatever your Ionian destination might be, read below some information about every place you can visit by the ships of Ionian Group.  


Zakynthos, aka Zante, aka Fioro Tou Levante (=The flower of the East), a name given by the Venetians, is one of the Greek island group of Eptanisa. It is the eleventh largest island of Greece, the third largest (after Kefalonia and Corfu) and the second in terms of population of the Ionian Islands region. 


Kyllini is a town and port of Ilia prefecture. It is a former independent community, former municipal district, and home of the Kapodistrian municipality of Kastro-Kyllini. Today it belongs to the municipality of Andravida-Kyllini.


Kefalonia or Kefallonia, aka Kefallinia, is an Ionian Island that belongs to the group of Eptanisa. Officially, and mainly in administration, is referred as Kefallinia. Kefalonia (Kefallinia) is the largest and most mountainous island of Eptanisa and the third largest in population after Corfu and Zakynthos.