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IONIAN GROUP was created with the synergy of Levante Ferries, Ionissos Ferries and Zante Ferries. It is a strong group comprised by execs of tremendous experience and expertise on business administration and coordination and on customer service of high quality.

IONIAN GROUP, sensing the needs and trends of the market, leverages the high experience of its companies-members in customer service, understands the evolvement of consumers’ behavior regarding the travel sector, and at the same time monitors closely the latest technologies and standards in order to be entrepreneurial and constantly up to date.

IONIAN GROUP, with its proprietary ships Fior di LevanteMare di Levante and Andreas Kalvos - tried, trusted and rare for the Greek standards -, aims at the full coverage of Ionian islands passengers’ needs, through higher frequency and absolute stability of routes. IONIAN GROUP is committed to offer the best sea transport services both to Ionian islands people and to the thousands of visitors coming from all around the world.